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Facebook said Friday it would stop allowing pre-installation of its social networking apps on Huawei devices to comply with US sanctions against the Chinese technology giant.

Vietnam jails activist for six years after Facebook posts

Vietnam sentenced an environmental activist to six years in prison for "undermining" the government in Facebook posts, state media reported, the latest harsh sentence in a crackdown on online dissent.

Chinese cartoonist slams Twitter for refusing Tiananmen emoji

Chinese artist Badiucao, whose anonymous political satire infuriated Beijing, on Thursday announced a protest campaign against Twitter for what he says is pandering to China, after the platform's refusal to create a special tank man emoji to mark the 3...

Facebook on trial for 'censorship' in Poland

A Polish court held a first hearing Wednesday in a case brought against Facebook by a historian who claims the tech giant engaged in "censorship" by suspending accounts that had posted about a nationalist rally in Warsaw.

YouTube to ban 'hateful,' 'supremacist' videos

YouTube announced Wednesday it would ban videos promoting or glorifying racism and discrimination as well as those denying well-documented violent events, like the Holocaust or the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

Russia effort in 2016 US election was 'vast,' 'professional'

Russia's efforts to sow misinformation on Twitter ahead of the 2016 US election was more extensive and professional than earlier believed, security researchers said Wednesday.

Venezuela news site ordered to pay $5 million to key regime figure

A prominent Venezuelan news website said Tuesday it was ordered by the country's Supreme Court to pay some five million dollars in damages and interest to a powerful politician in the ruling regime.

Beaming Trumps flash visit to Buckingham Palace on Twitter, Instagram

They may have stunned the world by winning the White House, but the beaming faces of the Trumps, splashed across their social media accounts, show that the state visit to Buckingham Palace is a new high for a family obsessed with its own brand.

Twitter apologises for suspending accounts critical of China

Twitter has apologised for suspending a number of accounts critical of China, days before the politically sensitive 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

US suspends funding for Iran Twitter account that trolled critics

The State Department is suspending funding for a taxpayer-funded Twitter account on Iran that sharply attacked critics of President Donald Trump's hawkish policy, an official said Saturday.

Mark Zuckerberg's security chief faces racism complaint

The head of personal security for Mark Zuckerberg was on leave Friday pending a probe into complaints of sexual harassment and racism, some of it involving the Facebook chief's wife.

100 million up: The most watched YouTube channel is T-Series

The Bollywood channel T-series has become the first channel on YouTube to clock up 100 million subscribers. Google owned YouTube have presented the service with a special award.

China detains activists, mutes livestreams ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Chinese authorities have detained several activists ahead of the politically explosive 30th anniversary of the June 4 crackdown of Tiananmen protests, rights groups said Thursday.

Top US Democrat slams Facebook over deceptive video

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday lashed out at Facebook for refusing to block the sharing of a video doctored to make her appear drunk or impaired.

Iran-based social media scheme impersonated press

Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday they shuttered accounts used in an Iran-based social media campaign to sway public opinion by impersonating reporters, politicians and others.

Merkel party's battle with YouTubers escalates

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's favoured successor was swept into a new storm Tuesday, with her apparent call for limits to free speech around elections stoking further anger rather than putting down a raging youth-led YouTube revolt.

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

To help users of its social media platform to spot fake accounts, Facebook has provided some useful guidance in the form of a new blog post. This may help to stop users being scammed and reduce the spread of disinformation.

EU vote faces new covert digital threats: report

New players are exploiting internet lawlessness to disrupt democracy at this week's European elections, says a new report that points a finger at far-right populists and cyber militias.

Canada researchers reveal 'Iran-aligned' fake news campaign

Canadian researchers have unmasked a disinformation campaign with possible links to Iran that includes posing as mainstream media to spread falsehoods targeting primarily Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Shun Merkel party over climate at EU vote: influential German YouTubers

Germany's biggest online stars closed ranks Friday around YouTuber Rezo whose rant against Chancellor Angela Merkel's party has gone viral, with an open letter urging Germans to shun her coalition's parties at EU elections over their climate failings.

Facebook bans 2.2 billion fake accounts

Facebook has taken steps in recent months to ban a series of fake accounts. With this act of housekeeping, Facebook discovered there were as many fake accounts as there were 'real' users.

AFP part of alliance to combat fake news in Argentina election

AFP and Argentine fact-checker Chequeado are among 85 media outlets and organizations to launch Reverso, the largest global alliance against electoral disinformation, ahead of the South American country's October poll.

German YouTuber's diatribe against Merkel's party goes viral

A German YouTuber's hour-long rant against Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party has gone viral, attracting more than five million views by Thursday and putting politicians on the back foot.

Facebook shuts dozens of fake-news pages ahead of EU vote: NGO

Facebook has taken down nearly 80 pages spreading fake news or using tactics that appeared aimed at unfairly influencing the European Parliament vote this weekend, an NGO reported Wednesday.

Fake news rampant after Sri Lanka attacks despite social media ban

Sri Lankan social networks saw a surge in fake news after the Easter suicide bombings a month ago despite an official social media blackout, highlighting the inability of governments to contain disinformation, experts said.

Japan FM puzzles followers with 'enciphered bacon' tweet

Bemused followers of Japan's foreign minister were left scratching their heads on Tuesday after a bizarre tweet about bacon, sparking tongue-in-cheek speculation he could be tweeting classified information in code."Ah, bacon is in fact ^%£$+*?!%.......

'.Amazon' gives e-commerce giant its own internet domain

E-commerce giant Amazon was on its way to running its own online neighborhood Monday after the internet's address keeper granted the ".amazon" domain to the company.

Queen Elizabeth II hiring Digital Communications Manager

Queen Elizabeth II is in the search of a "Digital Communication Manager" for Buckingham Palace in London. At 93 years old, the British monarch is enhancing her presence in the digital world.

Internet star Grumpy Cat dies at age of seven

Internet star "Grumpy Cat" has died at the age of seven, her owners said early Friday."We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat," they said in a statement on Twitter.

Singapore PM says 'fake news' law not against free speech

Singapore's prime minister Friday rejected allegations the city-state's new law to combat "fake news" is aimed at stifling free speech, following criticism from rights groups and tech giants.

Hungary blasts Facebook for 'censorship' of pro-government media group

Hungary's government on Thursday accused Facebook of "censorship" of a pro-government media group after it complained its advertising accounts with the social media giant had been closed down.

Red Cross website hacked in latest Singapore cyber attack

The Singapore Red Cross said Thursday its website had been hacked and the personal data of more than 4,000 potential blood donors compromised in the latest cyber attack on the city-state.

'Cyber warriors' sway Indian election

India's election watchdog says it has forced Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to take down hundreds of posts during the country's election but experts say it is just a drop in an ocean of misinformation that has engulfed voters.

Op-Ed: Facebook in the firing line — Big fine, 20 years FTC oversight?

Facebook’s big privacy issues have led to a pretty hardline range of options. The company could pay up to $5 billion as a fine, and be subject to 20 years of privacy oversight following charges by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Cannes idol Gomez says social media 'terrible' for her generation

US pop icon-turned-actress Selena Gomez warned Wednesday that social media had been "terrible" for her generation, saying she tried to set a good example for her 150 million followers on Instagram.

Malaysian teen took own life after Instagram poll

A Malaysian teenager who posted an Instagram poll asking if she should live or die took her own life after a majority of respondents voted for the latter, sparking calls for an investigation.

Facebook to curb livestreaming amid pressure over Christchurch massacre

Facebook announced Wednesday it would tighten access to its livestreaming feature as New Zealand's premier Jacinda Ardern and French leader Emmanuel Macron prepared to launch the global "Christchurch Call" initiative to tackle the spread of extremism o...

Macron, Ardern host Paris summit against online extremism

French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand's premier Jacinda Ardern will Wednesday host other world leaders and leading tech chiefs to launch an ambitious new initiative aimed at curbing extremism online.

Facebook tightens live-streaming in crackdown on violence

Facebook announced Wednesday it is tightening access to livestreaming to prevent the rampant sharing of graphic video as took place with the Christchurch massacre.

Facebook closes Italy pro-government fake news pages: rights group

Facebook has closed 23 mostly pro-government pages in Italy which were spreading fake news and anti-immigrant content, after an investigation by Avaaz, the civil rights group said on Monday.More than half of the pages, which had a total of almost 2.

New Zealand PM targets online hate after mosque attacks

New Zealand's leader Jacinda Ardern will join other world leaders in launching a "Christchurch call" to curb online extremism at an international meeting in Paris on Wednesday, following the worst mass killing in her country's recent history.
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